We expect most of our users come from other competitive CAD background. Their one of first impression involves taking their existing data and trying to edit it in Fusion 360. This is one of the key experience to retain incoming users.

The CAD data is complex and diverse, which adds complexity to engineering and designers alike. In this project, I worked with development team to untangle the complex issue so that the end experience is simple and clear to the users.


It is the most important initial experience for people who start with Fusion 360: CAD users generally move from one tool to another and we expect the Fusion users may start with their existing design file. Therefore, this is the key entry point experience for users coming on-ramp with the software.

Users can upload CAD data and "general" document types but resulting behavior is different: While Fusion 360 is a CAD software, the cloud platform accepts any file that users may use in their design process. We need to handle the variety of cases seamlessly and gracefully.

Aggressive time frame to deliver the final feature, starting from scratch:  We had three months to initial concept to the final release. On top of it, it was a completely new concept to engineering and stakeholders. I played role as a medium to align requirements between different technological platforms involved with data translation, storage, and presentation of the resulting data.


Start with high level workflow in a low-fi mockup

This was used as a communication tool among software architect, designer team members, and the product manager. It explained the steps that users will go through, used as a discovery tool for roadblocks in terms of technology and user experience.

Transition from high level down to clicks and pixels in tight collaboration with devleopment

In a fast moving project, rapid iteration between design and implementation is key. We used low-overhead mockup to communicate the design and iterate with the development.


The experience was released within three months after initial concept process.