Change Inventor's interaction paradigm so that the user attention is focused onto the graphics canvas rather than using the dialog box in the periphery of the window. The main approach was to offer dynamic preview, manipulators, and in-canvas controls.




3D modeling is a dynamic experience. The location of objects and their 3D shapes change as a user enters different value or changes the option. The complexity of geometry widely varies depending on the work that user is doing.

Designing for such a dynamic experience and expressing how the UI will look like inside such environment is a challenge.


  • Interactive Flash mockups to express the dynamic experience.
  • Perform iterative user tests on design alternatives via mockups, instead of live codes.
  • Produce high-quality designs based on mockup tests.


User Experience Design Lead, Product Owner, Prototype and Usability


User research, concept design, agile process, low-fidelity mockup, interactive mockup using Adobe Flash, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder