I am a user experience designer.

I am a problem solver, advocate and practice user centered design process, and offer leadership in a project with an understanding of agile process.

I have been drawn to visual experience that computer can offer, which led me to pursue the field of Human-Computer Interaction since my college years. Through the academic and professional experience, I found what drives the most compelling user experience is by understanding the user problems, developing the solutions through user data and feedback. Over time, I developed a perspective on how to integrate and synergize the creativity of team members, gather user requirements, develop a compelling vision to motivate the team, and build our own point of view on a design solution based on data rather than opinions.

My academic background is HCI. I received Ph.D degree in HCI from Dept. of Computer Science at York University in Toronto, Canada. I did Post-doc research at College of Optics at University of Arizona on 3D visualization system in an immersive Virtual Environment. I am currently a senior UX designer at Tableau. 

For more information about me, please click here to view my resume.

Goat Rocks, WA during summer 2012

Goat Rocks, WA during summer 2012