Rapid Prototyping using Balsamiq and InVision

I use Balsamiq Mockup as a thinking tool.

As the online course "Design Thinking for Innovative Problem Solving" by Jeanne Liedtka is wrapping up, I am now asked to create a mockup of the project I was working on, so that I can perform a learning launch.

For the course, I created long scrollable feed with two pages mocked up in Balsamiq. 

Then export the Balsamiq in images and uploaded to InVision project.

I set the project as an iPhone App and it automatically adds the iPhone App frame around the mockup.



In InVision, you can send the link to your mockup for review. You can even view the mockup on the phone as well. It has basic screen transition animation such as wipe left/right.

When you are in the early stage of a project and want to create a multiple mockups for review, InVision looks like a suitable solution for it.