Design Thinking for Innovative Problem Solving

Design thinking is a process to find a solution for a complex problem that is involved with people from different points of view. It is distinguished from the act of designing where the problem to solve is already known. Design thinking starts with an understanding of current systems or environment, empathize with the people in the environment, in the process of defining the problem to be addressed. The approach involves the hypothesizing the problem, prototyping and testing from early on to get to the solution that works and delight people.

The tipping point of this process is when we can come to question in the format of...

"How might we...?"

This is a powerful statement that illicit many different solutions from people's mind.

The design thinking process is by nature collaborative process where we catalyze the opinions about current state, align on the problems to solve, ideate and synthesize the solutions that eventually need to be tested.