I am a user experience designer.

I am a problem solver, advocate and practice user centered design process, and offer leadership in a project with an understanding of agile process.

I have been drawn to visual experience that computer can offer, which led me to pursue the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) 12 years ago. Through the academic and professional experience, I found what drives the most compelling user experience is by understanding the user problems, developing the solutions through user data and feedback. Over time, I developed a perspective on how to integrate and synergize the creativity of team members, gather user requirements, develop a compelling vision to motivate the team, and build our own point of view on a design solution based on data rather than opinions.

My academic background is HCI. I received Ph.D degree in HCI from Dept. of Computer Science at York University in Toronto, Canada. I conducted Post-doc research at College of Optics at University of Arizona on 3D visualization system in an immersive Virtual Environment.

I am currently a principal UX designer at Autodesk, Inc. I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, rubbing my cats' tail and started short backpacking trips.

For more information about me, please click here to view my resume.

Goat Rocks, WA during summer 2012

Goat Rocks, WA during summer 2012