Goal: Explore and invent new interaction paradigm in the 3D immersive Virtual Environment

Process: Build varying degrees of 3D visualization systems (3D terrain, molecules) and explore user interaction on it.

Result: Proposed a new workbench design that hybrids 2D and 3D display.

Role: Researcher, developer

Skill: Academic research, usability, graphics programming, C++, SPSS, VTP (terrain visualization toolkit)

magic lens

magic lens


Ji-Yong Oh, Hong Hua, Usability of Multi-Scale Interfaces for 3D Workbench Displays. Presence, 2008: 415~440

Ji-Young Oh, Hong Hua, User Evaluations on Form Factors of Tangible Magic Lenses, ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Oct. 2006: 23-32.